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Supporting carts and stands for different mazes

Suits different mazes such as open field, plus maze and radial maze.

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Producer: OpenScience

Cat.number Price In stock
TS0503 Supporting cart, 55cm ( 22" ). For TS0501, TS0502 390Add to the order
TS0503-3 Supporting plus-shaped stand, 40cm. For TS0501-1, TS0502-1 2204Add to the order
TS0503-T Table-top for TS0503 210Add to the order

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TS0503-1, Cart: Steel, aluminium. TS0503-3,Stand: plastic (PP). TS0503-T,Tabletop: HPL (high pressure laminate, lab grade).

Key features of the cart

Aluminium skids suit the complementary structures on the bottom surface of our mazes, arenas and tabletops.

Wheels can be independently locked.

Suitable for heavy load.

Components included

TS0503: plus-shaped aluminium top (2 details), leg with wheel 4pcs, tubes 2pcs, type1 fasteners 4pcs, type2 fastener 1pc, screws and nuts, hex key 3mm, hex key 6mm., Technical description and warranty card

TS0503-3: plus-shaped plastic stand (2 details), plus-shaped fastener, screws, hex key 2.5mm, Technical description and warranty card

TS0503-T: table-top 1pc, screws, Technical description and warranty card

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